Beachwood Mall Riot – On Lockdown, Fight?

The Beachwood Mall riot was organized on social media.  The mall went on lockdown after reports of a fight and shooting were released.  There was no fight nor was there a shooting at the mall.  A large group of teenagers started running to make it seem like there was an emergency.  The teens organized the riot on social media.

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The shopping mall is located in Beachwood, Ohio a suburb in Cleveland.  The massive disturbance caused widespread panic.  The individuals that took part in the incident failed to consider the consequences of their actions.  Police officers, that could have been saving lives elsewhere, had to respond to the incident.

Beachwood Mall Riot On Lockdown Fight
Beachwood Mall Riot On Lockdown Fight

When police officers respond to an incident like this, it’s not like they’re able to leave once they find out it was a prank.  Instead, officers must document the incident.  This means hours of their time are being wasted.

Elderly people tend to visit the mall during the holidays.  Older people do not handle emergencies well and the incident could have caused someone to panic and have a heart attack.

School is out and students are bored.  Instead of causing chaos, you should donate some of your time to a charity.