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Azealia Banks has done it again.  She posted an Instagram video that shows her cleaning a room that she uses for witchcraft.  She’s a marketing genius but a disgusting human being.  She was born and raised in New York City, explaining her desire for attention.  Similar to Lady Gaga, she understands the importance of people’s attention.

In the video, Azealia explains that she sacrifices chickens in the name of brujeria.  The Harlem rapper now has everyone’s attention.  Brujeria is a Spanish word which means witchcraft in English.  From a business standpoint, there’s no one smarter than Azealia Banks.  Time is money and we’re all spending our time reading stories about Azealia Banks.

Azealia Banks Snapchat name is brujadelbloque:

Azealia Banks Snapchat Name
Azealia Banks Snapchat Name

Lady Gaga pulled a somewhat similar stunt at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.  The singer wore a dress made of meat.  It was disgusting.  Six years later, we’ve all forgiven Lady Gaga.  She has won numerous awards and the stunt forced us to pay her attention.

As the tweet above explains, Azealia’s timing couldn’t have been better.  Media outlets that were focused on creating content that summarizes 2016 have shifted their attention to Banks.

I have never heard an Azealia Banks song and will never listen to one.

Warning: The video below is disgusting.

By Jason John

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