Amber, The Walking Dead Season 7

Amber appeared in The Walking Dead‘s seventh episode of season 7, “Sing Me A Song.” Negan abuses Amber after finding out that she had sex with her former partner, Mark.  Sherry (Christine Evangelista) pleads with Negan to take it easy on Amber and he replies that he has never hit on any of his wives.

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Negan doesn’t torture his wives physically but he destroys them psychologically.  Negan makes out with Sherry in front of Dwight and eventually forgives Amber.  He then tells Dwight and Daryl to get the iron ready.  Negan has rules and Mark disobeyed two of them.  Mark was supposed to be working and Negan’s wives aren’t allowed to cheat on him.

Amber The Walking Dead Season 7
Amber The Walking Dead Season 7

We then see Mark tied to a chair.  Similar to the comic book, Negan burns Mark’s face with an iron.  The scene reminds us of Negan burning Dwight’s face with an iron.  Mark can’t handle the pain and eventually passes out.  Negan’s work is done so he leaves Dr. Carson to care for Mark.

Mark is played by actor Griffin Freeman.  The Atlanta native has appeared in Paper Towns, Cell and The Birth of a Nation.  Amber is played by actress, Autumn Dial.  She is best known for her roles in American Reunion, Solace and Las Vegas.