Amber Rose Snapchat Name

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UPDATE: December 28, 2016

Amber Rose tagged her new bae, Val Chmerkovskiy in the Instagram picture below.  Amber was partners with Val’s brother, Max in season 23 of Dancing With The Stars.  The pic below shows Amber in sexy black lingerie.  The video at the bottom of this post provides more information about their relationship.

XXL reports that Amber Levonchuck aka Amber Rose made a sex joke about Wiz Khalifa that left her viewers in shock.  On the third episode of her talk show she explains that she recently attended one of the rapper’s concerts where there was plenty of marijuana.  She joked about still being high, but that wasn’t the surprising part.

According to Hip Hop Early the talk show host wants another child so she asked the rapper for his sperm.  The actress and model knows how to entertain.  Make sure you’re following all of her social media accounts:

Amber Rose’s Snapchat name is ReallyAmberRose:

amber rose snapchat name
Amber Rose Snapchat Name

The Philadelphia native explains that she saw her baby father in Charlotte, North Carolina.  He performed there on Sunday, July 24, 2016.  Him and Snoop Dogg are currently on their High Road Summer Tour.  The talk show host wanted his sperm for another baby but instead he just put it on her face.

If you are just adding Ms. Rose you recently missed out on a hot new video she posted with her new man! Follow before it’s gone!


It has been a while since Amber Rose and Kanye West demanded our full attention on the red carpet and her and Wiz Khalifa somehow didn’t work out…but you can’t keep a good girl down and Rose is right back at it with a NBA baller!  Speaking of Kanye and Wiz, was this not the saddest video you’ve ever seen!?


So who is Amber Rose dating?Amber Rose New Boyfriend

Amber Rose’s new boyfriend is Toronto Raptor’s Small Forward, Terrence Ross.  The couple were recently spotted with each other in Toronto.  The following video from The Shade Room shows the couple in the elevator of Ross’ apartment complex:

We thought Chris Brown had a chance but that clearly never worked out:

A real friend gives you a MuvaMoji when you’re getting engaged:

MuvaMoji Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian
MuvaMoji Blac Chyna Rob Kardashian


Who do y’all think wore it better between Rose and Minnie Dlamini?

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