Adrian Duane Johnson – Tricia Lynn McCauley Actress, Yoga Instructor

Adrian Duane Johnson of Upper Marlboro, Maryland is the suspect in the murder of Tricia McCauley.  Actress and yoga instructor, Tricia Lynn McCauley was found dead in her car on Tuesday, December 27, 2016 in Washington D.C.  McCauley went missing on Christmas Day.  The search for the actress began after she missed a flight and failed to show up to her friend’s Christmas dinner.

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Johnson has been arrested several times.  Earlier this month, he was arrested and charged with theft after stealing multiple toothbrushes from CVS.  Johnson should have been behind bars.  In September, he was arrested for robbery.  During the incident, Adrian knocked the victim’s front teeth out.

Adrian Duane Johnson Tricia Lynn McCauley Actress Yoga Instructor

In the past year, Adrian has been arrested six times.  The 29-year-old was ordered to wear a GPS ankle bracelet and undergo a mental health evaluation.  A Washington, D.C. spokesman reports that Johnson was not wearing the device at the time of his arrest.

When a person has been arrested six times in one year, he should be in prison.  If Johnson would have been in prison, Tricia would still be alive.  Criminals do not fear GPS devices.  Despite the fact that D.C., Maryland and Virginia are close, they do not work together to keep the area safe.

Johnson was wanted in two counties in Maryland for theft.  If the judge in D.C. was aware of Johnson’s warrants, he most likely would have sent him to jail.