Adam Saleh – Delta Kicks Off Muslim, Arabic, Boycott

Adam Saleh and Delta Airlines are breaking the Internet.  Why? Because that’s racist! Adam is a YouTube prankster which makes this story difficult to believe.  Then again, Taraji P. Henson’s recent issues with Delta Airlines makes this story more believable.  During one of Taraji’s recent flights, a passenger went on a Donald Trump rant.

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The passenger on the flight with Taraji called other passengers on the flight “Hillary B****s.” The passenger was not removed from the flight, leading Henson to boycott the airline.  Unlike the passenger on Henson’s flight, Arab YouTube star, Adam Saleh was kicked off a Delta flight.

Adam Saleh Delta Kicks Off Muslim Arabic Boycott
Adam Saleh Delta Kicks Off Muslim Arabic Boycott

The incident started after Adam was heard speaking Arabic to his mother before take off.  Adam has over 1 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In the following tweet Adam explains that he was kicked off the flight after speaking Arabic to his mother and friend.

Other passengers on the flight claim that Adam is lying about being on the phone with his mother.  Delta is working hard to manage the backlash from this situation.  At this point, it will be nearly impossible to find out what truly happened.

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