Young MA I Got That 8 Inch In The Closet

“I said I got that 8 inch in the closet” Young MA proclaims in her 2015 song, “Brooklyn Poppin.” The rapper’s track “Ooouuu” has forced fans to listen to some of her old classics.  “Brooklyn Poppin” was featured on her 2015 mixtape, Sleep Walkin.  The mixtape was released over a year ago but her recent success is causing many of the songs to go viral.

Scroll to the YouTube video to hear her deliver the lyrics in “Brooklyn Poppin.” The lyrics have shut down rumors that the rapper is a man.  Young MA is constantly rapping about her male private part but she doesn’t have one therefore she relies on what she keeps in her closet.

Young MA I Got That 8 Inch In The Closet
Young MA I Got That 8 Inch In The Closet

The 24-year-old was recently spotted on Snapchat with her new girlfriend, Tori Brixx.  Hopefully Tori will be able to handle the rapper’s busy schedule.  There’s not much free time when you’re a hard working entertainer and Young MA is one of the hardest rappers in the game.

Check out her “Brooklyn Poppin” freestyle below:

For people like Power 105.1’s Charlamagne Tha God, someone like Young MA’s personal life is very interesting.  The video below shows Charlamagne’s off-the-wall questions during Young MA’s visit to The Breakfast Club:


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