Who Plays Sophie Green In American Horror Story? Taissa Farmiga

Taissa Farmiga plays Sophie Green in American Horror Story Roanoke.  Chapter 9 starts with three hikers looking for a thrill.  Sophie, Todd and Milo are equipped with GoPros and their selfie sticks.  The trio run a fan site dedicated to the Roanoke Nightmare and Sophie’s the ringleader.  They want to find the house on the final night of the blue moon and they end up getting lost.

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First they see a Diane’s ghost.  She bleeding, running through the woods.  She’s lost and doesn’t know where her car is.  The trio offers to help but she ignores them.  They chase her through the woods and end up finding her remains in a car that is flipped over.  The kids go to the police but the officers don’t believe them because at the scene of the accident, they found no body.

Sophie Green American Horror Story Taissa Farmiga
Sophie Green American Horror Story Taissa Farmiga

Later in the episode the trio runs into Lee.  Sophie and Milo get away but Lee kills Todd.  Sophie and Milo then find Audrey and Monet, still alive but they see Lee coming towards the house.  Sophie and Milo end up getting burned alive.

Taissa was born on August 17, 1994 in Readington, New Jersey.  The 22-year-old is the youngest of seven.  Her parents are Ukrainian Americans.  Farmiga’s mother, Lubonyra, is a teacher and her father is a systems analyst.  The talented actress made her television debut in 2011 on American Horror Story: Murder Story.  
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