Who Killed Sweetie Pie’s Grandson?

Who killed Sweetie Pie’s grandson, Andre Montgomery? In the first episode of Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s season 4, “In Loving Memory” we see Robbie Montgomery and her family mourn the death of her grandson.  Homicide detectives continue to investigate the murder and there is a strong lead in the case.

Andre was shot and killed in a double shooting on March 14, 2016.  The incident took place on the 4100 block of Nara in St. Louis, Missouri.  Miss Robbie recently shared details about Andre’s murder, hoping to help close the case.  She explained that the home that Andre was in on Nara had a recording studio.

Who Killed Sweetie Pie's Grandson?
Who Killed Sweetie Pie’s Grandson?

Andre was recording music when he received a phone call from someone.  The person on the phone told him to come outside.  Once Andre came out he was shot.  This information implies that the gunman could have been at the studio, with Montgomery, on a previous occasion.  Moreover, Andre came outside after the person asked him to, implying that he trusted the person.

Robbie also explains that after the shooting, someone stole Andre’s property from a hotel room he was staying at.  This is further proof that the person that killed Andre was someone he had a personal relationship with.

By Jason John

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