What Happens To Dwight In The Walking Dead?

So what happened to Dwight in The Walking Dead comic series? Here’s some good news: He doesn’t die in the comic.  Episode 3 of The Walking Dead‘s seventh season, “The Cell” begins by giving us a look at Dwight’s life at Negan’s Saviors’ Sanctuary.  At first, the complex doesn’t seem bad.  Dwight’s watching reruns of Who’s The Boss and drinking booze but then Negan walks by.

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Negan reminds us how horrible his complex actually is.  Dwight must break Daryl Dixon’s will.  One tactic he uses is playing the song “Easy Street” over and over to torture Daryl.  Dwight escorts Daryl to a checkup with Dr. Carson and crosses paths with his wife, Sherry.  Dwight finds out that Sherry’s now Negan’s wife.

What Happens To Dwight In The Walking Dead?
What Happens To Dwight In The Walking Dead?

Sherry informs Dwight that she’s not pregnant.  Dwight and Sherry voluntarily returned to Negan’s complex.  Sherry was forced to marry Negan while Dwight had to take an iron to the face.

Daryl’s cell door is left open and he makes a break for freedom.  When he gets to the courtyard he’s surrounded by Saviors.  Daryl will rather die than to kneel to Negan.

Dwight Walking Dead Actor

The character is portrayed by actor, Austin Amelio.  The 28-year-old was born on April 27, 1988 in Austin, Texas.  He’s best known for his role as Nesbit in the 2016 movie, Everybody Wants Some!! He has appeared in numerous shorts films including A Kiss Before You Go, Over Again and Putting the Dog to Sleep.