What Happened To Aaron Hall?

What happened to Aaron Hall? Twitter’s response to the 52-year-old’s Soul Train Award appearance was hilarious.  This post will present some of the funniest tweets about the singer and songwriter.  We’re used to seeing Hall’s shiny bald head, but he was seen sporting a fresh high top fade at the award show.

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Aaron, Teddy Riley and Timmy Gatling found the group Guy in the 1980s.  Gatling was eventually replaced by Aaron’s brother, Damion Hall.  One of Hall’s most popular songs as a solo artist was his 1992 hit, “Don’t Be Afraid.” The track was featured on the soundtrack of Juice, the 1992 movie starring Tupac Shakur.

What Happened To Aaron Hall?
What Happened To Aaron Hall?
Aaron’s not as young as he used to be.  The following tweet shows his vocal cord’s response when he attempted to show off his singing skills:

The tweet below presents the question that was on everyone’s mind:

Viewers concluded that Aaron pulled an Allen Iverson: “Practice!?”

There were some positive tweets about the singer’s appearance.  Hall had ESPN sports journalist, Jemele Hill slow dancing in her living room.

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“I Miss You” is my favorite Aaron Hall song of all time!