Tristan Thompson Khloe Tattoo, New Back Ink

Tristan Thompson’s new Khloe Kardashian back tattoo broke the Internet today.  Twitter went crazy but then actual pictures of the NBA player’s back were shared.  The Cleveland Cavaliers’ superstar has never received this much attention and we’re hoping he’ll be able to handle it.  LeBron James’ celebrity has definitely played a major role in the couple’s new relationship.

Daniel “Boobie” Gibson was one of the first NBA players to be impacted by the LeBron effect.  He was drafted to the Cavaliers in 2006 and played with LeBron from 2006 to 2010.  Him and LeBron became good friends and Boobie became a celebrity.  All the attention earned him a relationship with singer, Keyshia Cole.  The couple got married in 2011 and they have a son named Daniel Gibson, Jr.

Tristan Thompson Khloe Tattoo New Back Ink
Tristan Thompson Khloe Tattoo New Back Ink

Daniel’s career flourished until LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach.  Gibson’s flaws were revealed leading him to retire in 2013.  A year later, him and Keyshia separated.  Tristan’s future is more secure considering the Kardashian effect.  Khloe is on another level, balancing any potential moves by LeBron.

The image below shows Tristan’s actual back tattoo:

Tristan Thompson Back Tattoo
Tristan Thompson Back Tattoo

The Khloe tattoo’s not real but considering her power, we wouldn’t be made at Tristan for getting her name on his back.  The couple couldn’t get enough of each other this past Halloween:


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