Who Are Teyana Taylor’s Parents: Names, Money, FUBU, Photos

This article will provide information about Teyana Taylor’s parents.  Their names will be revealed and their source of wealth will be discussed.  There have been rumors that Taylor’s father was one of the founders of the apparel company, FUBU.  The rumor will be considered and an image of Taylor’s mother can be found below.

The Hollywood Reporter explains that Kanye West’s “Fade” video marked the starting point of Teyana Taylor’s takeover.  The actress has secured a role on the VH1 hip hop drama series The Breaks which is set to premiere in 2017.  The actress will also appear on VH1’s Hip Hop Square, a game show executive produced by Ice Cube.

According to Pitchfork Taylor will play a rapper in The Breaks which chronicles the lives of three friends working hard to become hip hop stars in the 1990s.  Teyana is perfect for the role as the New York native has worked hard to make her presence felt in the music industry.  Her debut single, “Google Me” is the perfect soundtrack for this article.  Thanks to Kanye West, her perfect body and the 2016 MTV Video Music Awards, fans worldwide can’t stop Googling Teyana Taylor.

Nikki Taylor

Her mother’s name is Nikki Taylor.  She gave birth to the singer on December 10, 1990 in Harlem, New York City.  The singer is Nikki’s only child so she’s her full-time job, literally: Nikki is Teyana’s manager.  The photo below shows Teyana and Nikki with Chris Brown:

Teyana Taylor Chris Brown Nikki Taylor
Teyana Taylor Chris Brown Nikki Taylor

Nikki was born on August 19 and her 2016 birthday bash was amazing.  Rolling Out explains that Teyana and her fiancé, Iman Shumpert, helped Nikki celebrate with a 1970-theme party.

Money Moves

Nikki is very private about most of her life but everyone seems to know that she is independently wealthy.  She is well known in the fashion industry as proven by many of her Instagram pics:

Teyana Taylor’s Father

While Teyana is her mother’s only child, her father has multiple children.  On her father’s side the singer has a younger sister and two brothers.  Her younger brother, Tito, is 24 and her older brother, Rich is 26.  The singer’s father was not around for most of her life yet she has still been able to maintain a positive relationship with his baby mothers.

In 2009 her father had another child, leading Taylor to question his decision making skills.  Her mother raised her as a single parent and her father doesn’t provide for any of his children.  Teyana’s not certain why he continues to get women pregnant.

The following pic shows Teyana’s stepfather, Boe:

Teyana Taylor Stepfather Boe
Teyana Taylor Stepfather Boe

Boe recently appeared in an episode of Teyana’s new reality series Teyana and Iman.  He helped her with her nail salon, “Junie Bee Nails.”

There was a rumor that the singer’s father was one of the co-founders of the hip hop apparel company, FUBU.  There was also a rumor that Teyana’s mother married a different FUBU co-founder.  The company was founded by Daymond John, J. Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin and Carlton Brown:
Teyana Taylor Father
Teyana Taylor Father

The singer is African American and Trinidadian, leading some to believe that her father is entrepreneur, Daymond John.  The entrepreneur is currently the President and CEO of FUBU and his father is from Trinidad and Tobago.  He is worth $300 million and appears on the ABC series Shark Tank.  He has three children, Yasmeen, Destiny and Minka.  Daymond is not Teyana’s father.

Teyana Taylor Father
Teyana Taylor Father

 J. Alexander Martin has also done very well for himself.  The businessman’s portfolio includes a clothing line, a non-profit organization and a consulting firm.  He is currently the CEO of FUBU Television and is not Teyana’s father. 

Keith Perrin is the CEO of FUBU Radio and has been the key speaker at numerous colleges, high schools and corporations.  He continues to maintain a very successful career and he is not Teyana’s father.
Carlton Brown founded FUBU Records in 2001 and the label released a compilation album titled The Good Life which became the highest selling compilation album made up entirely of original songs in 2001.  We don’t think he is the singer’s father.


In a 2008 interview with Vibe magazine Taylor explains that her stepfather was murdered on Father’s Day back in 2003.  The singer found out the tragic news while holding the homemade card she created for him.
Teyana Taylor VIBE Magazine
Teyana Taylor VIBE Magazine
Fade Music Video
Upon arriving at the 2016 MTV Music Video Awards, the singer didn’t know what to expect.  Kanye West is very careful not to spill the beans on any of his upcoming projects because he loves to shock people.  Although Taylor knew the video would premiere during the show, she had no clue how people would react because Kanye refused to show it to her.
After Kanye began his speech, Taylor figured that the Chicago rapper had changed his mind about showing the video at the award show.  We all know that Kanye does whatever he feels like doing.  The singer had already informed her family that the video would premier on the show so she figured she had some explaining to do.

 Then, Kanye stopped rambling, introduced the video and a star was born.  There was no one more impressed than Teyana herself.  She described the visual as a do-or-die moment.  The singer has possessed talent her entire career but hasn’t received the credit she deserves.

Beyonce made history at the VMAs yet Teyana Taylor stole the show.  The sky is the limit for Teyana who should consider partnering with Beyonce’s activewear clothing line, Ivy Park.  We love you Teyana! Thank you for motivating us all to get in shape!Kanye West And Teyana Taylor Fade Wins Best Dance Video

On Sunday, November 27, 2016, Teyana Taylor and Kanye West’s “Fade” video won the award for Best Dance Video at the Soul Train Awards.  Kanye recently had to cancel the remaining dates on his Saint Pablo Tour.  The rapper is currently in the hospital for exhaustion.

We’re happy for Teyana and hope she uses the award to take her career to the next level! Check out the video for “Fade” below:


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