Sydney Park The Walking Dead Actress, Parents

Actress, Sydney Park, plays Cyndie on The Walking Dead.  This article will present information about Park’s parents and her past television and movie roles.  First, let’s discuss The Walking Dead‘s sixth episode of season 7, “Swear.” In the unforgettable episode, we see Tara Chambler pushed over a railing and into a river.

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Later, Tara washes up on the ocean’s shore, where a girl named Rachel sees her.  Rachel is with Cyndie and they argue about whether or not they should kill Tara, as the community rules require.  Cyndie isn’t a fan of the community’s rules and doesn’t let Rachel kill her.  Tara follows Cyndie to her house and is eventually captured by the community’s leaders.

Sydney Park The Walking Dead Actress Parents
Sydney Park The Walking Dead Actress Parents

Sydney Park Parents

The actress’ ethnicity is often questioned.  Sydney Park’s parents are biracial.  Her father is Korean-American and her mother is an African-American.  Sydney’s parents recognized her talent at a very young age.  When she was 6, she became the youngest comedian to perform at Hollywood Improv, a famous comedy club.

Sydney was born on October 31, 1997 and is currently 19-years-old.  She grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and in 2006 she appeared on America’s Got Talent.  The actress used the stage name “Syd the Kid.” She did well on the competition, advancing to the semi-finals.  Sydney was forced to drop out because of her career as an actress.