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Snoop From Love And Hip Hop

Snoop from Love and Hip Hop New York aka Felicia Pearson has quickly become a fan favorite.  Many mistake her for Young MA but she was around before the “Ooouuu” rapper.  Similar to the Brooklyn emcee, Felicia is a talented rapper.  Alongside J. Adrienne, her girlfriend on the series, Snoop has a bright future ahead.

Many believe that Snoop and J. Adrienne’s relationship is fake but I think their romance is real.  Pearson isn’t the type of person who would agree to take part in a fake relationship for a reality show.  She’s from Baltimore, a city where keeping it real is an absolute necessity.  Moreover, she’s currently 36-years-old and doesn’t have time for games.

Snoop From Love And Hip Hop
Snoop From Love And Hip Hop

Felicia Pearson Net Worth

Snoop is currently worth about $60 thousand dollars but that number will increase fast.  Similar to the love she received on The Wire, Pearson’s charisma is unexplainable.  Her appearance on #LHHNY season 7 will take her career to the next level.  She’ll be a millionaire by the end of 2017.

Felicia Pearson Married

Pearson is not currently married but she believes that J. Adrienne could be the one.  In the video below the actress reveals that she wants children yet she doesn’t plan on giving birth.

Loretta Chase Felicia Pearson

Snoop’s mother, Loretta Chase, gave birth to her on May 18, 1980.  Loretta and Felicia’s father were both drug addicts.  As a result Pearson was a premature baby addicted to crack.  She wasn’t expected to live but she defeated the odds and now it’s her time to shine!

Don’t miss Snoop in the next episode of Love and Hip Hop New York!

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