Skybox Shooting Chicago Homan Square

A man was shot and killed by a police officer outside the Skybox sports bar in the Homan Square neighborhood of Chicago.  The incident occurred on Friday, November 25, 2016 at 12:25 AM.  Officers shot the man after witnessing the gunman shoot two people, one of them fatally.  The city’s crime continues to worsen and we’ll explore the reasons in this post.

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Scroll towards the bottom of this post to see a video that provides additional details about the shooting outside the Skybox sports bar.  August 2016 was the city’s deadliest month in almost 20 years with over 90 people killed.  While 90 died, more than 400 people were shot.

Skybox Shooting Chicago
Skybox Shooting Chicago

The root of the problem is refusing to admit that there is a problem.  Many argue that crime has decreased in 2011.  This is true but shootings increased in 2015.

Gang violence is one of Chicago’s most serious problems.  Gang members demand respect and don’t think twice about murdering rival gang members when they feel disrespected.  One unique aspect of this issue is the role that social media plays.

While many use social media platforms to collaborate and share content, gang members use social media to wage war against rival gangs.  While privacy is important, social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, must find innovative ways to reduce the interaction on their platforms that leads to violence.

It’s elementary: When two children get into a fight we separate them.  The same theory must be applied here in order to reduce violence.  It starts with the social media networks.