Sky Landish, Love And Hip Hop New York

Sky Landish is DJ Drewski’s girlfriend on Love and Hip Hop New York.  In episode 2 of season 7, “Strawberries” we see Drewski flirting with rapper, Bianca Bonnie at a music showcase in Queens.  Drewski explains to Bianca that his girlfriend, Sky, is like his assistant.  Drewski is a player and Sky knows it.

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When Sky confronts Drewski about attending the showcase the DJ insists that he’s focused on his career.  Sky doesn’t trust Bianca and more importantly, she doesn’t trust Drewski.

Sky Landish Love And Hip Hop New York
Sky Landish Love And Hip Hop New York

Sky is half-German and half-Jamaican.  She attended Hunter College where she majored in Psychology.  Upon graduating, she started a health and fitness company, StripNFitness.  Drewski is helping her take the business to the next level.

The tweet below discusses Sky and Drewski’s relationship issues:

Sky calls Bianca out in the next episode of the series.  Sky doesn’t trust Drewski therefore there’s no hope for their relationship.  In a relationship, trust is more important than love.

There is no man in this world that is cute enough to fight over.  Sky will drive herself crazy trying to change the DJ.  Once a player, always a player.

According to Twitter, Sky is fine.  Hopefully she doesn’t waste all that beauty chasing after Drewski!