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Romeo And Angela Simmons Dated?

Romeo and Angela Simmons dated!? In the fourth episode of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season, “Immaculate Deception” we see Romeo Miller confront Angela Simmons about her new husband and baby.  Many viewers were unaware of Romeo and Angela’s past relationship.  They started dating in early 2012 and broke up in August of 2012.

Despite the fact that the couple has not been together for over four years, they have maintained a close friendship.  As a result, Romeo took it personal when he found out that Angela was engaged.  He attempted to reach out to her but was unsuccessful.  He thinks that Angela’s moving too fast with her new man.

Romeo And Angela Simmons Dated?
Romeo And Angela Simmons Dated?

Romeo explains that he didn’t think that Angela knew her new man’s birthday.  Miller was shocked when Simmons revealed that she was pregnant.  Romeo transformed into that mean guy that Angela described during the season 2 premiere episode.  After Angela reveals that she’s expecting her first child, Romeo turns to Vanessa Simmons in an attempt to throw shade Angela’s way.

Romeo asks Vanessa about how she handled her friendships after she got into a serious relationship.  Vanessa explains that she didn’t break the bonds she had established with her friends and Romeo advises Angela to listen to her sister.

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