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Master P Wife On Drugs

Is Master P’s wife on drugs? In the fourth episode of Growing Up Hip Hop‘s second season “Immaculate Deception” Master P opens up about his ex-wife, Sonya C. Miller’s drug use.  The New Orleans rapper is attempting to educate his daughter, Tytyana “Tata” Miller about how dangerous drugs are and he uses his ex-wife to make his point.

Over the past few years, the rapper has been dealing with a horrible divorce.  Him and Sonya have been fighting over money and he claims that drugs ruined their relationship.

Master P Wife On Drugs
Master P Wife On Drugs

In the video below, Master P explains that he wants his ex-wife to clean up her life.  He says that their children are the number one priority and he makes it clear that she can have it all if she cleans up her life:

Wendy Williams discusses the divorce in the video below.  She explains how Romeo and his father could have hidden money from Sonya:
Sadly, Sonya’s drug use has had a negative impact on her daughter.

The following video is from the “Immaculate Deception” episode of Growing Up Hip Hop.  After Tytyana attends her uncle’s funeral, she has a discussion with her father and Romeo.  “Tata” explains that she no longer believes that she needs to go to rehab.

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