Little Women LA Tonya Renee Banks On DWTS

Tonya Banks from Little Women LA was spotted on Dancing With The Stars.  The reality star cheered on her cast mate, Terra Jole who did a great job with her professional partner, Sasha Farber.  Tonya was wearing an eye patch and her mouth didn’t look normal.  Fans used Twitter to ask her if she was okay, leading Banks to reveal that she has Bell’s palsy.

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Bell palsy is a weakness of the muscles on one side of a person’s face.  Symptoms appear suddenly and most cases are due to a viral infection.  The most common symptoms include paralysis, drooling and excessive tearing in the eye.  In some cases, both sides of a person’s face are affected.

Little Women LA Tonya Renee Banks
Little Women LA Tonya Renee Banks

It was great to see Tonya on Dancing With The Stars and we hope she gets better soon.  Fans showed their support on Twitter after seeing her on the show:

On the fifth season of Little Women LA, Tonya and Kerwin are trying to transition from an open relationship to a more traditional relationship.  Terra’s not impressed with Tonya’s attempt to start all over with Kerwin.

Season 5 of Little Women LA was filled with drama.  Terra and Tonya are driven apart after Tonya receives negative feedback on her active wear line.  It’s great to see that the two divas have made up.  Check out Terra slay with Sasha on Dancing With The Stars: