Lawrence And Tasha Insecure, Top 10 Twitter Reactions

Lawrence and Tasha, Insecure hook-up made viewers go crazy.  Tasha the teller finally got exactly what she wanted.  Lawrence was tired of being Mr. Nice Guy so he did what he had to do.  Earlier this month, HBO renewed Insecure for a second season and we can’t wait! Will Issa and Lawrence get back together!?

Insecure‘s first season was unforgettable! This article presents the top 10 reactions to Lawrence finally knocking Tasha down.

Lawrence And Tasha Insecure
Lawrence And Tasha Insecure

We all knew it would happen sooner or later.  Tasha’s laid back personality made Lawrence fall in love:

I Woke Up Like Dis Tasha The Teller Lawrence Insecure
I Woke Up Like Dis Tasha The Teller Lawrence Insecure

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 Tasha the teller earned those strokes according to the tweet below.



Issa complained that Lawrence hadn’t put it down in a while.  I guess he was saving all his energy for Tasha.


Where does Lawrence plan on living now that he moved all his stuff out of the apartment he shared with Issa? Do you think Tasha would let him move in?



The following tweet is the absolute truth!



Lawrence didn’t know how to act once he got to Tasha’s house!



Pure comedy:



Double standard:



Lawrence became the spirit animal for all mankind after that impressive move!



You weren’t the only person that had to watch the episode twice!


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