Is Kate On This Is Us Really That Big? Fat Suit?

Is Kate on This Is Us really that big? Or is Chrissy Metz wearing a fat suit like the one she wore in American Horror Story: Freak Show? Chrissy is the size she appears to be on This Is Us.  While the actress was not big enough to portray her character on American Horror Story, her contract with NBC requires her to lose weight.

Chrissy’s contract states that she must lose weight in the trajectory of the character she plays on the show.  When I found out about this news, I started planning my hate letter to NBC.  After reading the full article I found out that Chrissy was happy to sign the contract.  The actress explained that it’s a win-win situation.

Is Kate On This Is Us Really That Big? Fat Suit?
Is Kate On This Is Us Really That Big? Fat Suit?
In the ninth episode of the show’s first season, “The Trip” we see Kate, Kevin and Randall, “The Big Three” drive to their family cabin to let off some steam.  Kate gets upset after Olivia and her friends arrive.  Kevin invited Olivia without telling Kate.  
According to Olivia, the family is holding Kevin back from what he could be.  She also tells Kate that she’s scared to lose weight and still be the same person.  Kevin ends up checking Olivia.

Kevin insults Olivia and she storms out.  Later, Kevin admits to Kate that she was right about Olivia.


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