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Jay Z Spirit Cooking

Jay Z spirit cooking rumors were trending on Twitter after the rapper was seen at Hillary Clinton’s campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio.  The rapper took the stage with his wife, Beyonce.  The couple performed at the Get-Out-the-Vote concert, hoping to persuade the crowd to get to the polls.  Hillary haters began to spread false rumors in response to the event.

#SpiritCooking was trending on Twitter today because of a leaked email from performance artist, Marina Abramovic to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta.  In the email, Marina invites John to a “Spirit Cooking dinner.” Marina released her “Spirit Cooking” prints in the mid-’90s.

Jay Z Spirit Cooking
Jay Z Spirit Cooking

Her Spirit Cooking “cookbooks” include recipes that involve consuming blood, breastmilk and even spermatozoa.  The following video shows Abramovic Spirit Cooking:

Abramovic hosted a Spirit Cooking dinner to people that donated to her 2014 Kickstarter campaign.  John’s brother, Tony Podesta, was one of those individuals so Marina actually sent him the email, asking if John was attending.  Tony forwarded the message to John.  Hillary Clinton has nothing to do with the situation.

Marina and Tony’s email correspondence served as the basis for the rumor that Jay Z practices Spirit Cooking.  The rumor is false.  Hillary Clinton and Jay Z do not practice Spirit Cooking.

By Jason John

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