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J. Adrienne Love And Hip Hop

J. Adrienne, Love and Hip Hop New York‘s newest star, is Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s girlfriend on season 7 of the reality series.  On the first episode, “All The Way Up” we find out that Snoop is from Baltimore, Maryland while Adrienne is Chicago.  Adrienne is an aspiring actress who left her son back home to pursue her dreams in New York City.

Adrienne is perfect for the series, revealing that she has a short temper while her and Snoop were having dinner.  Two fans interrupt the couple’s meal to ask Snoop for an autograph and a picture.  Adrienne tries to tell the fans that Snoop is busy but they can care less.

J. Adrienne Love And Hip Hop
J. Adrienne Love And Hip Hop

The series is filmed in New York City.  Adrienne may believe that Chicago is the only place that breeds ready-for-war divas like herself but New York has some hardcore personalities as well.  I would love to see her and Cardi B get into a fight.  Cardi is focused on her career but she wouldn’t hesitate to show J. how NYC gets down, if she must.

Do you think Snoop and J. Adrienne will break up before the season is over? Snoop is so far removed from J.’s immaturity.  The actress is trying to make major moves in NYC and Adrienne might slow her down.

By Jason John

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