How Many Kids Does Teddy Riley Have?

How many kids does Teddy Riley have? The talented singer has eight kids, four boys and four girls.  All of Riley’s children witness him receive the Soul Train Legend Award.  The singer and songwriter celebrated by performing some of his own hits along with some of the classic songs he produced.  Riley is a music icon and we were glad to see him receive the award.

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Dante Horne

Teddy Riley’s oldest child is his adopted son, Dante Horne.  Dante is currently 26-years-old.  Back in 2008, Dante called out Bow Wow in what seemed to be a publicity stunt to generate interest in his album.

How Many Kids Does Teddy Riley Have?
How Many Kids Does Teddy Riley Have?

Dejane “Deja” Riley

Teddy’s oldest daughter, Dejane is currently 22.  In 2008, Teddy gave her songwriting credit as a gift, leading her sister, Taja to request the same gift.  Scroll to Taja’s section below for additional information.

Nia Riley

Thanks to Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Nia is Teddy’s most popular child.  The reality series showed her former relationship with rapper, Soulja Boy.  Now that Soulja Boy is no longer on Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, we’re seeing a different side of Nia.  Season 4 of the series showed Nia and Moniece Slaughter try to help Teairra Mari overcome her addiction to alcohol.
Nia Riley Soulja Boy
Nia Riley Soulja Boy

Taja Riley

Taja is Teddy’s daughter who he sued in 2009.  She was born on November 29, 1991.

Teddy Riley Daughter Taja
Teddy Riley Daughter Taja

After developing a song for Lady Gaga, Riley sued Taja for claiming that she wrote the track.  Teddy argued that Taja wanted songwriting credit after finding out that her older sister, Deja received songwriting credit as a gift from her father.

Tiarra “Bobbie” Riley

Teddy’s daugther, Tiarra Riley is 15-years-old.

TJ Riley

TJ is Teddy’s 9-year-old son.

Lil Teddy Riley

Teddy has a son named Lil Teddy who is 7-years-old.

Samar Riley

Teddy Riley’s youngest child is his son, Samar.  He is currently 4-years-old.