What Is The Grey Sweatpants Challenge On Twitter?

What is the Grey Sweatpants Challenge on Twitter? The challenge features hot guys in grey sweatpants.  The weather changed fast, leading men all over the world to find their grey jogging pants and the ladies are loving it.  Social media challenges have been more popular than ever lately and the grey sweatpants challenge is no exception.

Last week it was the Dub Challenge but this week we’re saluting all the men that steal our hearts when they wear that fuzzy fabric that fits perfect in all the right places.  Check out some of our favorite #GreySweatpantsChallenge post below!

Grey Sweatpants Challenge On Twitter
Grey Sweatpants Challenge On Twitter

In the post below, Liam Payne is named the winner of the challenge.  The former One Direction singer loves showing off his sculpted body.  Do you think he’s the winner? Let us know in the comment section below!

Here’s another tweet celebrating Liam’s contributions to the challenge.

FaZe Agony posted a hilarious picture that earned him numerous likes and retweets.  How do you think his pic compares to Liam’s?

The #GreySweatpantsChallenge doesn’t discriminate.  Multiple females also submitted some hot pictures:

Here’s a funny post that sums up everyone’s reaction to such a “stupid” challenge.

The video below provides additional information about the unforgettable challenge:

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