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‘Empire’ Season 3 Recap: Xtreme Family Drama

EmpireX Steam
EmpireX Steam

It has been a hard week, but luckily, Empire returned from hiatus with a new episode to distract us all from the craziness that was the Presidential election on Nov. 8. Here’s a quick summary of the episode so you can go back to reading about and worrying about the state of this nation, because there’s a lot to read and ponder these days.

  • Shyne aims a gun at Andre, but only brought one bullet. So much for his big Lyon war.
  • Jamal gets performing again! But it’s a join Empire Xtreme live stream, which is essentially a Facebook live that gets broadcast in Time Square, so everyone keeps saying it doesn’t count. Give Jamal a break.
  • Graham, Hakeem’s rival, decides to do his own rival stream, so there.
  • Becky gets in trouble because she makes Tiana record the song she wants, rather than what Cookie wants. Xavier, who is horrible, sells her out.
  • Cookie gets into trouble with her probation officer, but Angelo gets her out of it.
  • Anika cools down an argument between Lucious and Shyne by offering Shyne and imprint at Empire. Shyne also gets Freda Gatz. Truce.
  • The Empire Xtreme stream gets xtremely dramatic. Jamal and Hakeem argue during the performance and the Lyons air out a whole bunch of dirty laundry. Hakeem even finds out about Andre and Nessa, insults Jamal’s sexuality, 
  • Hakeem and Lucious decide to work together again.