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Did Ray J Have A Baby?

Yes, Ray J and Princess Love had a baby.  Their adorable bundle of joy appeared on The Breakfast Club:

The following pic shows Ray and his daughter Melody Love Norwood:

Did Ray J have a baby? During part 1 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood‘s reunion Ray J and Princess Love discussed their relationship.  The couple does not have any children together and Princess Love is not pregnant.  Media outlets have been making up false rumors about the couple for years.  Ray J is not a private person so we’ll definitely know if he’s ever expecting a little one.

It was great seeing Ray’s mother, Sonja Norwood, at the reunion.  She explained how she has fully accepted Princess into the Norwood family.  Initially, Sonja was uncertain about Princess and Ray’s marriage but she now has a great relationship with her daughter-in-law.

Did Ray J Have A Baby?
Did Ray J Have A Baby?
Ray J has come a very long way.  The reality star, whose real name is William Ray Norwood, Jr., has been focused on his new custom bike company, Scoot-E-Bike.  Throughout the show’s third season, we see Ray devote a majority of his time to the company, leaving Princess to plan their wedding by herself.

By the end of the season, Ray improved his time management skills and was able to show Princess how much he loved her.  He even found time to surprise her by bringing her grandmother to visit and her father to the wedding.  Ray really loves his new wife and we’re guessing this song is about her:

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