Did Maggie Die In Walking Dead?

Is Maggie dead on The Walking Dead!? Should viewers be worried about Glenn Rhee’s wife? The fourth episode of season 7, “Service” will be discussed in this article.  If you’re not caught up, be prepared for spoilers.  Father Gabriel has broken the Internet.  Negan asks to see Maggie and Rick doesn’t want to answer.

Rick doesn’t want to discuss Maggie’s current situation because he wants her to remain safe.  Father Gabriel comes from behind to ask Negan if he’s here to pay his respects.  He then brings Negan to Maggie, Abraham and Glenn’s graves.  Fans were very surprised to hear about Maggie’s “death.” Not so fast…she’s not dead!

Did Maggie Die In Walking Dead?
Did Maggie Die In Walking Dead?

If you’re familiar with The Walking Dead then you know about their death fakeouts and Maggie’s “death” is the show’s latest.  The sneak peek of the next episode shows Maggie recovering on the Hilltop’s infirmary.  Rick wouldn’t let anything bad happen to Maggie, who is currently pregnant.
Could The Walking Dead actually kill off Maggie? The answer is yes, absolutely.  No one is safe on the series but we’re hoping she doesn’t die! Her current situation almost guarantees her survival but the series has shocked us before.  Here’s a sneak peek of the next episode:

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