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Cymphonique Miller Mom

Cymphonique Miller’s mom is not Romeo’s mother, Sonya C.  Master P had Cymphonique with another woman.  She has managed to keep her identity a secret but we’ll share what we know about Cymphonique’s mother in this article.  According to Miller’s Wikipedia page, her mother is of Asian descent.


Cymphonique was born on August 1, 1996 and is currently 20-years-old.  Her brother, Romeo, was born on August 19, 1989.  Cymphonique’s mother was one of Master P’s side chicks, leading to him and his wife’s breakup.  On Growing Up Hip Hop, Master P has made it seem like Sonya’s drug used caused their marital problems but the rapper’s cheating also had a negative impact on their relationship.

Cymphonique Miller Mom
Cymphonique Miller Mom


According to rumors, Cymphonique’s mother’s sister has children with Master P’s brother, Silkk the Shocker.  This most likely made Master P’s relationship with Cymphonique’s mother convenient.  Master P’s actions could have led his daughter, Tytyana “TaTa” Miller, to abuse drugs.

Using drugs is never the correct answer to your problems but people often abuse them when dealing with stressful family issues.  This could explain why the rapper is so hard on his daughter regarding her drug problems.  He could feel like it’s partially his fault.


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