CNN Transgender Riley Quinn Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

On Thanksgiving Day in Boston CNN was scheduled to air Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown but the network broadcasted a porn.  The porn featured transgender adult film star, Riley Quinn.  The program aired for 30 minutes.  The mistake has been dubbed #BourdainPorn as CNN tried to bury all evidence.

Riley Quinn is a retired transgender pornographic actress.  The entertainer used Twitter to thank CNN for airing the video.

CNN Transgender Riley Quinn Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
CNN Transgender Riley Quinn Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

Riley updated her Twitter bio to read “As featured on @CNN”:

Riley Quinn CNN
Riley Quinn CNN

We all make mistakes and CNN has made plenty.  Let’s take a look at some of the network’s biggest blunders:

In 2014 the network covered the Jerusalem terror attack and weren’t too concerned about accuracy.  The Palestinians were the attackers but CNN published the headline “4 Israelis, 2 Palestinians killed in synagogue attack.”

In August 2014, the network listed Niger as Nigeria:

Last year, the network mistakenly identified a sex toy flag as an ISIS flag.  John Oliver pokes fun at the network in the video below:
In 2009 the government was conducting a terrorist drill and the network jumped to the conclusion that it was a terrorist attack.  Several media outlets picked up the story:

The above mistakes weren’t as bad as the network’s Thanksgiving Day oversight:

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