Christine Evangelista, Sherry From The Walking Dead

Christine Evangelista plays Sherry on The Walking Dead.  She recently appeared on The Talking Dead where she discussed “The Cell.” During her interview with Chris Hardwick, she discussed how she landed her role, as Sherry, on the series.  Evangelista actually taped her audition at her house and sent it in without even knowing what role she was auditioning for.

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Christine Evangelista has played Sherry on The Walking Dead since 2015 yet she has only appeared on two episodes: “Always Accountable” and “The Cell.” Christine didn’t think she would be featured on the series again after her season 6 appearance.  The actress then read The Walking Dead‘s comic series.

Christine Evangelista Sherry From The Walking Dead
Christine Evangelista Sherry From The Walking Dead

In the comic, Sherry marries Negan but then her emotions get the best of her.  She didn’t think she would miss her husband, Dwight, and her love for him leads to harm.  Negan burns Dwight’s face with an iron.
Evangelista was born on October 27, 1986 in Staten Island, New York.  The 30-year-old has appeared on numerous television shows including The Good Wife, Law and Order and Bleed For This.  Hopefully we’ll see more of her on The Walking Dead.

Sherry and Dwight’s love for each other is undeniable.  We see Dwight beg Negan not to kill her which makes Negan decide to kill Dwight instead.  Sherry convinces Negan to spare Dwight’s life, but she is forced to marry Negan.

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