Black Ink Crew Chicago, Don

In the sixth episode of Black Ink Crew Chicago‘s second season, “Congratulations, You Played Yourself” we see Don trying to get his life together.  At the beginning of the episode we see Don and his brother Devon throwing their father, Donald, a birthday barbecue.  Don is going through some drama and needs his father’s advice.

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The Black Ink Crew Chicago star explains that his father has always been in his life, despite the fact that he had five kids by two different women.  He further explains that him and Phor don’t have the same father.  Don is determined to be a good father after seeing the pain that Phor went through.  Don opens up about his baby mother, Whitney, refusing to let him see his daughter.

Black Ink Crew Chicago Don
Black Ink Crew Chicago Don

Don’s dad shares some powerful advice.  He tells his son to sit both women down in order to discuss the situation.  Don tells Phor about his father’s advice to site Ashley and Whitney down together and Phor warns him not to.

Don ignores his brother’s advice and ends up meeting with Ashley and Whitney.  As soon as Whitney sits down she starts calling him out for being a liar.  Whitney believes that she’s the victim and she’s the one who was cheated on.  Luckily, Whitney and Don have established a co-parenting agreement since then.  Here’s a pic of Don with his beautiful daughter.

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Ashley calls Whitney out for being a side chick but at the end of the day Don has disrespected both ladies.