Beyonce Found Dead? 2016 Hoax

Status: Alive

Was Beyonce found dead? No, the 35-year-old singer is alive and well.  The rumor started after people found out that she was performing at the 2016 Country Music Awards.  She performed alongside The Dixie Chicks, creating a magical experience of blended music.  Queen Bey’s first foray onto the country music scene was flawless.

Beyonce performed “Daddy Lessons” at the CMA Awards.  The song is from her 2016 album Lemonade.  It was written and produced by Beyonce, Wynter Gordon, Kevin Cossom and Alex Delicata.  The song debuted on the Billboard charts at number 41.

Beyonce Found Dead?
Beyonce Found Dead?
Beyonce wore a beautiful, all-white dress while The Dixie Chicks wore black.  The performance came at a perfect time with many of the singer’s fans panicking after hearing the news that she was dead.  The “surprise” performance was one of the worst kept secrets ever.  Rumors about the performance arose Tuesday evening, leading to the rumors that she was actually found dead.
Queen Bey’s performance created a show-stopping moment.  The fact that she was alongside The Dixie Chicks made the event legendary.
Beyonce CMA Awards
Beyonce CMA Awards

You know you’re on another level when you have The Dixie Chicks as backup singers.  When the song ended, Beyonce received an extended standing ovation.

By Jason John

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