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The day after the Presidential Election, Empire writer, Attica Locke, had an enlightening discussion with NPR’s Morning Edition host, David Greene.  Locke explained that Donald Trump appeared calm during his speech on the morning after Election Day, but his true personality will come out in a few months.  Scroll to the audio player to hear her comments.

We love Empire‘s Cookie Lyon because she always keeps it real.  After hearing Attica’s comments, we fully understand where Cookie gets it from.  Attica Locke doesn’t bite her tongue when discussing our new President.  Empire‘s cast showed their support for Hillary Clinton but in the end, it wasn’t enough.

Attica Locke Empire
Attica Locke Empire

Locke reveals some of the reasons why Trump was victorious.  She shuts down the notion that African Americans failed to support Hillary Clinton, explaining that most white women chose Trump over Clinton.  Attica puts things in perspective, pointing out that African Americans didn’t underperform, instead other racial groups over-performed.

Check out the interview below:

Locke proves that she’s one of the masterminds responsible for creating Cookie Lyon when she explains that not speaking our minds is how we will never get forward.  The same theory is used on Empire.  The show recently addressed police brutality showing it’s unwillingness to ignore racism.

Dear Attica,

Thank You.

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