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Basketball Wives LA season 5 will most likely be the last time we see fashion designer, Angel Brinks on a reality show.  She was a fan favorite, but when it comes to drama, she’s not about that life.  While DJ Duffey was comfortable with the show’s drama, Angel couldn’t handle it.  She felt like a victim by the end of season 5.

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I knew this would be Angel’s last season on the series after Jackie made January Gessert tell Angel that she slept with her baby daddy, Tyreke Evans.  Angel has children that will ask her questions about her time on the series.  How will she explain January’s comments to her and Tyreke’s daughter? Make sure you’re following the reality star’s social media accounts!

Angel Brinks Snapchat name is AngelBrinks:

Angel Brinks Snapchat Name
Angel Brinks Snapchat Name

Similar to DJ Duffey, Angel started her business with a dollar and a dream.  Duffey has become one of the top DJs in the world while Angel’s fashion brand is taking off.  She recently celebrated her company’s 5-year anniversary.  Both Duffey and Angel have worked with Amber Rose.

The following video shows Shaunie imitating Angel and DJ Duffey:

The video below shows Angel discussing her success in the fashion industry: