Amanda Seales, The Grenadian Host Of The Empire After-Show

Amanda Seales is the Grenadian host of The Lincoln Empire After-Show.  Seales, formerly Amanda Diva, is a comedian, rapper and actress.  She made her acting debut in 1994 on the Nickelodeon series, My Brother and Me.  She then spent some time as a spoken word poet.  In 2002, she appeared on Russell Simmon’s Def Poetry Jam.

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Amanda was born in 1981 to an American father and a Grenadian mother.  Grenada is a country located in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.  Many Grenadians have experienced a difficult life and are relatively poor compared to Western standards.  As a result, most Grenadians are quiet and reserved.

Amanda Seales Empire After-Show
Amanda Seales Empire After-Show
In 1979, the People’s Revolutionary Government was established after the New Jewel Movement overthrew the country’s government.  In 1983 the United States invaded the country.  Grenada’s government was overthrown in a week.  With these incidents still in recent memory, it’s hard to find Grenadians as charismatic as Amanda.  

Seales is the leader of Grenada’s new school.  She motivates Grenadians to forget the past, live today and never fear the future.  Amanda currently plays Tiffany DuBois in Issa Rae’s HBO series, Insecure.  In 2015, she released her scripted comedy, “Get Your Life” on Rae’s YouTube channel.

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