A1 Bentley Before Lipo And After, Love And Hip Hop

On the reunion episode of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood, Lyrica Garrett calls out Floyd A1 Bentley for having lipo surgery.  If you’re anything like us, you went to Google to search for before and after pictures of the reality star.  The singer and songwriter didn’t post too many pictures on social media prior to the surgery.

Floyd A1 Bentley looks different in the two images below.  He must have been fresh out of surgery in the image to the right.  He looks skinny compared to the image on the left which shows him with Chris Brown.

A1 Bentley Before Lipo And After Love And Hip Hop
A1 Bentley Before Lipo And After Love And Hip Hop

Check out Twitter’s reaction to Lyrica calling A1 out:





It’s great to see the reality star receive recognition for the hard work he’s been putting in over the years.  The Kansas City native used basketball and music to stay out of trouble and it’s paying off.  He wasn’t too bad on the basketball court.  Like fellow VH1 reality star, DJ Duffey, A1 played college basketball.

Floyd and his wife, Lyrica Anderson can now take their careers to the next level.  While they were both established artists before appearing on the series, millions of people have finally been introduced to the talented artists.