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Young MA Snapchat Name

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The Notorious B.I.G. advised us to “spread love, it’s the Brooklyn way.”  Before Biggie, Big Daddy Kane made sure we weren’t half-steppin’.  The last few decades, Jay-Z has represented Brooklyn, New York in a way that would make Biggie proud.  Now that Jay-Z’s career is coming to an end, Young M.A is the borough’s new boss.

The “Ooouuu” emcee is a lyrical mastermind with her head on straight.  Many thought Bobby Shmurda would keep Brooklyn’s flame burning but his legal issues were too much to handle.  Hip-hop heads that want to see Brooklyn represented may find it difficult to hear all the gang references Young M.A makes in her rhymes after seeing what happened to Bobby.  Make sure you’re following all of her social media accounts!

Young M.A’s Snapchat name is YoungMAOfficial:

Young MA Snapchat Name
Young MA Snapchat Name

Unlike Shmurda, Young M.A has explained that it was actually her brother who was involved in gangs, not her.  There’s no GS-9 gang attached to the rapper so the hip-hop police can stand down.  Young M.A was born on April 3, 1992.  she was only 4-years-old when Biggie died in 1997.  Biggie passed at 24-years-old, the rapper’s current age.

Young M.A is picking up where Biggie left off.  Not too many rappers start from the top but the game owed Brooklyn one and the borough has been paid in full…Ooouuu!

By Jason John

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