Young M.A Parents

Young M.A’s parents had a major impact on her life.  Her father got locked up when she was only 1-years-old so her mother had to do it all.  Recent rumors that suggests rapper Jim Jones is her father are false.  Her father spent about 10 years behind bars and wasn’t released until she was about 11-years-old.

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When you grow up without a father you learn to be the head of your household, and that’s exactly what the Brooklyn rapper did.  Her and her mother worked harder to live a comfortable life without him.  Here’s a picture of Young M.A’s mother.  The rapper brought her mom to the 2016 BET Awards.

Young MA Parents
Young MA Parents
It’s decision time for the Brooklyn emcee.  They say to strike the iron while it’s hot so she must decide if she will continue as an independent artist or sign a contract with a major label.  With the success of her summer hit “Ooouuu” if she plans on signing with a major label, she should do so now.
Dave East is a New York rapper who recently had to make a similar decision.  He decided to sign with Def Jam.  Chance the Rapper is an independent artist who must make a decision similar to Young M.A’s.  His recent mixtape, Coloring Book may win a Grammy despite the fact that he’s not signed with a major label.