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Who Was Chasing Angela Simmons? Stalker!

In the Growing Up Hip Hop teaser we see Angela Simmons get a look at the person who has been chasing her.  The reality star has a stalker, similar to Kylie Jenner.  Angela’s life is changing at a fast pace.  In the first episode of the show’s second season, “Blinged Up, Throne Down” we find out that Angela is engaged.

In the show’s first season we see Vanessa and Angela trying to handle the potential threat.  Initially, Vanessa thinks that Angela’s being over dramatic but then Angela tells her that the guy has shown up at her apartment twice.  Some fans believe that the stalker was rapper, Yo Gotti, but Angela has explained that he’s not her stalker.

Who Was Chasing Angela Simmons? Stalker
Who Was Chasing Angela Simmons? Stalker

Yo Gotti isn’t shy about how he feels about Simmons.  The rapper, whose real name is Mario Mims, mentioned her in his hit song, “Down In The DM.” Simmons revealed that her stalker dropped off flowers and a bear when he visited her apartment.  Yo Gotti sent Angela flowers to congratulate her on her new venture, Foffi and Bella.  The rapper never gave her a bear:

A photo posted by Angela Simmons (@angelasimmons) on Dec 17, 2015 at 7:16pm PST

Angela went to the cops about the situation and they told her to send the individual a DM.  The DM would most likely include a request for the person to stop chasing her.  We hope she stays safe!

By Jason John

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