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Who Plays Gram On Empire? Romeo Miller

Romeo Miller is the actor who plays Gram on Empire.  On episode 3 of season 3, “What Remains Is Bestial” we’ll see Gram and Hakeem (Bryshere Y. Gray) compete for Tiana’s (Serayah McNeill) attention.  Now that Hakeem knows that Nessa is off limits, he’s trying to get back with Tiana.  Shine, Nessa’s older brother, is crazy so Hakeem will most likely leave her alone.

Romeo wasn’t originally selected to play Gram on the series, the casting team actually chose Kid Cudi to play the role.  Kid Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, was replaced by Miller after he decided to leave the show due to creative differences.  Cudi had already recorded scenes for the show’s third season but then decided that the series wasn’t for him.

Who Plays Gram On Empire? Lil Romeo Miller
Who Plays Gram On Empire? Lil Romeo Miller

Check out Tiana and Gram’s new hit “Love Long Time.” The rapper kisses Tiana at the end of the performance, upsetting Hakeem.  Despite the fact he was engaged to Laura Calleros, she left him at the altar so he came running back to Tiana.  Clearly, she has moved on!

When you land the opportunity to appear on the most popular show on television you have to follow any rules.  In the video below, Brooklyn rapper, Young M.A explains that she was offered Freda Gatz’s role on Empire.  The “Ooouuu” rapper reveals that she would have played Betty Barz on the series but she turned down the role:

Kid Cudi’s “creative differences” most likely involved the standards the series has in place.  While we think Young M.A made the right decision, we don’t think Kid Cudi did.  He is already an established artist therefore appearing on the series would only benefit his career.  Romeo Miller definitely made the right decision considering the fact that he has had more success as an actor than a rapper.

By Jason John

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