What Is Chrissy Lampkin’s Nationality And Race?

Questions regarding Chrissy Lampkin’s nationality and race are very common.  She is American and was born in Harlem, New York on April 27, 1971.  She is of Cuban and African American ethnicity.  She’s beautiful yet she continues to put up with Jim Jones’ nonsense.  In “The Split Track” episode of Jim and Chrissy Vow Or Never we see Jim attempt to push their wedding day back but Chrissy has finally had enough.

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The couple announce their plans while at dinner with their loved ones.  Jim explains that he simply wants to push the couple’s wedding date back but Chrissy says that they shouldn’t get married.  Jones’ right-hand-man, Freekey Zekey tries to persuade the couple to get married but Chrissy makes it clear that she’s sick of playing games with the Jim.

What Is Chrissy Lampkin's Nationality And Race?
What Is Chrissy Lampkin’s Nationality And Race?

Chrissy’s friend, Tiffany, defends Chrissy, explaining that she understands where she is coming from.  Tiffany says that anyone would feel uncertain about their upcoming marriage if their significant other wanted to push the date back.  If you know Mama Jones then you know she took Jim’s side.  After telling Tiffany to shut up she asked her to be quiet so she could share her two cents.

It must be clap back season:

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Mama Jones explained that the couple is making her mother turn in her grave.  She thinks that the couple has been through too much to back out now.