Tommy Mallet Snapchat Name

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The Only Way Is Essex is a British scripted reality show abbreviated TOWIE.  One of our favorite couples on the show is Georgia Kousoulou and Tommy Mallet.  Georgia recently announced that she would love to have a spin-off show with Mallet and TOWIE fans are going crazy about it!

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Not so fast TOWIE fans, Georgia further explained that she doesn’t plan on leaving the show anytime soon.  Georgia is currently 25-years-old and recently launched her own fashion line By Georgia K.  In addition to her new label, she also has her own hair and swimwear line.  Make sure you’re following all their social media accounts!

Tommy Mallet’s Snapchat name is ManLikeMallet:

Tommy Mallet Snapchat Name
Tommy Mallet Snapchat Name
TOWIE has been described as Britain’s version of Jersey Shore.  Unlike some of America’s most popular reality shows, TOWIE is filmed a few days in advance.  Fans of the show have enjoyed watching Mallet and Kousoulou’s love blossom on the series.  They started dating back in 2014 and have been #RelationshipGoals ever since.
They’ll most likely get married soon but they’re not rushing things.  They recently moved into a new home and love spending time together! Georgia explains that she wants marriage to come about in a natural manner.