Tiana Songs From Empire

On “One Before Another” Serayah performs her new track, “Starlight”! Check it out:

Tiana Brown is one reason Empire‘s songs are amazing.  It all started in season 1 when her and Hakeem released the hit “Drip Drop.” Since then, Tiana, who is played by actress, Serayah McNeill, has continued to release unforgettable songs.  Scroll to the videos to hear some of her season 3 hits!

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The Empire star recently revealed that she prefers nice guys as opposed to “bad boys.” In an interview with Cosmopolitan she says that too many guys try to act like bad boys in order to protect their hearts.  It’s an issue that Hakeem Lyon deals with on the series.  Laura leaving him at the altar definitely didn’t help.

Tiana Songs From Empire
Tiana Songs From Empire

Hakeem now finds himself fighting for Tiana’s heart.  After seeing her and Gram perform their song, “Love Long Time” he released his track “The Clap Back.”  Initially, Tiana refused to respond but who can say no to Cookie? Here’s Tiana’s song, “Me” in response to Hakeem’s track, “The Clap Back.”

Serayah is actually featured on the following version of “The Clap Back”:
Many fans are still hoping that Hakeem and Tiana will end up together but it’s not looking like it will happen this season.  Here’s the track that started the beef between Hakeem and Gram, “Love Long Time”: