Tami Roman Vs DJ Duffey Fight Basketball Wives LA

On episode 13 of Basketball Wives LA‘s fifth season Jackie Christie takes DJ Duffey to a language class in preparation for her trip to Portugal.  The DJ, whose real name is LaTosha Duffey, knows that Jackie has something planned.  Christie eventually reveals that her husband, Doug, is sending Jackie and her friends to Portugal.

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DJ Duffey is excited to hear about the trip but later she invites Tami and Malaysia to lunch to discuss her beef with Tami.  Malaysia shows up but Tami cancels.  Duffey is disappointed and explains that she doesn’t know what else she can do.  The DJ feels like she has been the bigger person since the incident, reaching out to Jazz Anderson, Tami’s daughter.

Tami Roman vs DJ Duffey Fight Basketball Wives LA
Tami Roman vs DJ Duffey Fight Basketball Wives LA
Tami and Duffey’s beef started over Jazz, a talented recording artist.  After Tami found out that Duffey was a DJ she asked her to help Jazz with a music video.  Duffey agrees to help her out but then her and Tami’s relationship went downhill.  Tami ends up firing Duffey, leading to a heated argument.
Tami vs. Duffey Round 2 went down in Portugal! In the previews for the next episode we see Tami reveal to Shaunie that she might be pregnant.  Then, Malaysia asks Tami is she planned on resolving her issue with Duffey.  Roman calls the DJ out for saying that she wanted to beat her up.  Duffey doesn’t let Tami intimidate her, responding, “And I meant it.”

We then see Duffey call Tami out for lying about what happened between her and Jazz.  Tami has heard enough, she gets up and rushes Duffey.  The other ladies hold Tami back but Duffey lands a solid punch!