Is Suge Knight Alive Or Dead?

Status: Alive

Despite the rumors, Suge Knight is alive.  The music executive was recently seen on Michel’le Toussaint’s Surviving Compton documentary on Lifetime.  The documentary showed how Suge helped Michel’le after Dr. Dre abandoned her.  When she was with Dr. Dre she says that he would beat her.  She has a child with Dre and another with Suge.

Oxygen reports that Marion Hugh “Suge” Knight, Jr. recently filed a lawsuit against singer, Chris Brown.  The suit involves a nightclub incident but the former CEO of Death Row Records has more serious problems.  He’s trying to beat a murder case which has left him behind bars for more than a year.

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According to Hip Hop DX the 51-year-old is paying for his past.  His previous intimidation of witnesses has led the judge to refuse to reveal the identities of witnesses to his lawyer.  That begs us to question whether he’ll receive a fair day in court.  If you’ve been reading the news lately you may have heard the rumor that Suge Knight’s dead.

Suge Knight, Dead?
Suge Knight, Dead?

His health is deteriorating but the rumors are false.  He’s alive.  His fiancé and lawyer argue that withholding the identities of witnesses presents an additional danger to the California native’s health.  It’s all starting to remind us of Lucious Lyon.  Roxanne Ford withheld his medication which he needed for his health issues.
The music executive needs Thirsty Rawlings.  Marion pleaded with the judge, explaining that his time was ticking due to his health and he doesn’t believe that he’s getting a fair chance to prove his innocence.  He has collapsed multiple times in the courtroom, leading his lawyer to request that he receive private medical attention.