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Rihanna Dumps Drake, Split Up 2016 Relationship, India Love?

Rihanna dumps Drake yet again, according to rumors.  The couple’s 2016 split up will most likely be their last.  We don’t believe in forcing relationships and this one just doesn’t seem meant to be.  Fans continue to beg the couple to be together.  In Drizzy’s new song, “Sneakin” featuring 21 Savage, he references Rihanna and her comment section has been going crazy ever since.

“Face time with my shawty on tour and she texting purple hearts cause she know we at war.” Listen to the song below:

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Check out Rihanna’s Instagram page.  We’re guessing this purple hearts trend will last until either Drake or RiRi make it clear that there’s no chance.

Rihanna Purple Hearts
Rihanna Purple Hearts
Rihanna Purple Hearts
Rihanna Purple Heats
It’s easy to forget how long the two entertainers have been trying to maintain a relationship.  The first time they teamed up to create a song was in 2010.  Drake was working with Chris Brown and ended up in the studio with Rihanna.

Rihanna Dumps Drake
Rihanna Dumps Drake

Six years later, the couple continues to play the same old, on-again, off-again game.  Drake is being petty so we’re guessing that Rihanna dumped him.  Soon after, he made sure that the paparazzi snapped shots of him with model, India Love.  We’re sure that Drizzy is still trying to convince RiRi that the rumor is not true, but at this point I think they should give up.  What do you think?

By Jason John

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