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Princess From Love And Hip Hop Race And Ethnicity

So what exactly is Princess Love’s ethnicity and race? She’s a beautiful mix of African American and Filipino.

Ray J’s wife, Princess Love, was born in Oakland, California on August 14, 1984.  The 32-year-old reality star grew up in Austin, Texas.  She is one of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood’s newest cast members and our favorite person on the show.

Princess Love has been upset with her husband, Ray J, on recent episodes of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood because he has been spending all of his free time working on Scoot-E-Bikes.  Princess is stuck planning their wedding by herself.  On the “Forgive or Forget” episode, Ray J gives Princess a five-page list of guests that he wants at their wedding.

Princess From Love And Hip Hop Race And Ethnicity
Princess From Love And Hip Hop Race And Ethnicity
Princess is happy that Ray is finally helping her plan the wedding but his long list makes her realize that she doesn’t have many friends.  She isn’t sure if her mom or dad will come to her wedding.  The reality star explains that her and her parents don’t have a close relationship.  It’s very interesting to see Ray’s reaction.  The Norwood family is very close so it’s difficult for Ray to fully understand what Princess is going through.

In the following tweet the reality star explains that her mother is Filipino:

Ray wants her to know that his family loves her.  Princess explains that she would love for her grandmother to attend the wedding but she is always sick.  Hopefully Princess will be able to overcome her issues with her parents.

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