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Nikki Love And Hip Hop Brother, Anthony Omar Mudarris

In June 2015, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star, Nikki Mudarris’ brother, Anthony Omar Mudarris, sadly passed away.  His death was drug related yet Nikki didn’t provide any specific details.  It may seem like all fun and games when it comes to the series but the cast members experience pain just like the rest of us.


Mudarris has been revealing more information about her personal life on the series.  Shanda seeks her advice in regard to her cheating husband, Willie and Nikki reveals that her parents have been married for over 39 years.  She explained that divorce was never an option for her parents.  Losing a child can break a couple apart and we’re glad that wasn’t the case with Nikki’s parents.  Here’s a picture of Anthony:

Nikki Love And Hip Hop Brother Anthony Mudarris
Nikki Love And Hip Hop Brother Anthony Mudarris

Nikki tells Shanda about her brother passing away, explaining that she’s in a really complex stage in her life.  Mudarris reveals that her brother’s death has made it difficult for her to maintain a committed relationship.  She has been helping her family because they decided to move out the house that her brother passed away in.

Mudarris further explains that it has been difficult to pack her brother’s belongings.  She says that she was dating Safaree and Rosa to distract herself from the pain she was feeling.

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